How to Freshen up Your Outdoor Area for Summer!


As the temperatures in Delaware start to warm up and days become longer, we start to daydream about all the summer days we’ll be spending outdoors. Can you think of anything more satisfying than soaking up your daily dose of Vitamin D on your spruced up patio or deck? Since summer is the season for grilling and lounging, here are some helpful tips for freshening up your outdoor area at Millville by the Sea!


All of the Lights

Looking for a creative way to bring a sense of whimsy to your patio? Adding some twinkling lights can create beautiful mood lighting and bring elegance to a weekend evening spent outdoors.


Functional Seating

Nobody wants to feel like they’re playing a game of Tetris when trying to seat everyone on their patio. Ottomans that double as storage can be used as extra spots for your guests to lounge, while also keeping your drinks (try out an ottoman WITH A COOLER) and miscellaneous items hidden.


All Hands on Deck!

Your deck or patio floor could probably use some TLC after weathering the cold winter months. Here’s a handy guide for making your outdoor floor GLEAM from your once-a-year scrub-down.


Area Rugs for the Win! 

Add a fun pop of color while protecting your patio floor with a weatherproof rug. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs, and will give your sweet outdoor space a little more flair. 


Exercise Your Green Thumb 

The clear, blue summer sky might be all the eye candy you need, but potted plants are a beautiful way to bring color and contrast to your outdoor living space. Try adding plants with different heights and textures to create dimension! You can also plant some vegetables so you can use your own homegrown veggies for dinner instead of running to the store to grab a forgotten tomato! Check out this handy vegetable planting guide from the Delaware Center for Horticulture for ideas on what and when to plant. 


Let’s Lounge 

We have one word for you: hammocks! Hammocks scream summertime and are the ideal spot to sit back and get lost in a good book. A freestanding swing chair is also a great option if you’re looking for something to standalone! Already have chairs you love? Consider freshening them up with new cushions or playful accent pillows.


S'mores Time!

Who’s ready to make s’mores?! A fire pit invites relaxation and will be just what your guests need to enjoy the long summer nights.


Make Your Own Outdoor Bar 

Pick up a small serving cart or an end table with wheels and stock it with your favorite drink essentials! You’ll have all your glasses, napkins, and alcohol in the same place. Get your little party started early in the day because it’s 5 o'clock somewhere, right?


With these fun and useful tips, you can turn even the smallest outdoor area into the ultimate summer hot spot! And since you're getting your home ready for those warm temps, check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration on ways to make your outdoor space your personal summer oasis. 


*Always refer to your Homeowners Associations Declarations and Design Guidelines to ensure modifications are acceptable in your community.