Living an Active Lifestyle in Millville by the Sea


Happy New Year! Who’s feeling inspired to be healthier and more energized in 2019? (Yes, even though it’s cold outside!) In Millville by the Sea, residents enjoy an array of different options for strengthening, stretching, and working out all year round. Join us!

What are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? Studies show that different types of exercise improve your life and body in different ways. Yoga, according to Harvard Medical School, improves cardiovascular health while helping with arthritis, depression, and anxiety. Studies are also underway to see if it improves cancer survival!


Stretching promotes increased energy and flexibility while reducing soreness. Cardio exercise, according to Mayo Clinic, boosts mood and improves sleep while, of course, strengthening your heart. (The upshot: reduced odds of heart disease and diabetes.) Curious about weight training? Pumping a little iron boosts your metabolism and brain function while helping prevent osteoporosis. Good reason not to skip your squats!

Living in Millville, you get to enjoy a packed calendar of fun, good-for-you fitness classes, events, and physical activities to keep you healthy and active. Activity levels range from light to moderate exercise across our Zumba, Men’s Stretch, and weekly yoga classes, which are also great ways to meet your neighbors. When you want to work out at your own pace, our indoor Fitness Center includes treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines, and stationary bikes. When the weather warms up, our Lake Summerwind offers residents a blissful space to fish, kayak, and paddleboard without leaving the community. For a head start to our outdoor wonderland, check out our parks, lakes, and trails page.

To see what’s on the horizon here in Millville by the Sea, check out our Events and Clubs page!