Top 5 Reasons Why Beach Communities Are The Best


1. The beach – At Millville By The Sea, you are just 4 miles to the surf and sand of Bethany Beach. You can enjoy the beach, and everything that comes with it, all year long! Also, because your entire community is in the same location you will be with your friends, family, and neighbors all on the same beach!

2. New neighbors – A lot of residents at Millville By The Sea have moved here from another city, or even another state. As we continue new home construction and the growth of our community, you are sure to have lots of new neighbors to meet, who will soon become friends!

3. Common ground – At Millville By The Sea, we have amenities that a lot of communities do not offer. The lakeside Lifestyle Center, including the Clubhouse, Pool, Fitness Center, and Crab Shack, is available specifically for our residents. These state of the art amenities are perfect for socializing with your neighbors, attending our community events, or simply relaxing!

4. Good for your health – Yes, really! According to, studies have shown that people who live closer to the seaside, have better health and overall well-being. These studies suggest that moving closer to the beach reduces stress and encourages physical activity. In addition, the easy access to fresh seafood and locally grown produce in coastal Delaware promotes healthier eating habits.

5. Never a boring day – With so many amazing activities in our community and surrounding area, there is never a boring day at the beach! To check out events at Millville By The Sea, visit the Calendar of Events. If you want to further expand your horizons, you can check out all of the events happening in the area at!