7 Fall Recipes with a Coastal Twist


Nothing beats a chilly autumn day at Millville By The Sea, and it sure makes us want to bundle up and indulge in our favorite comfort foods! Coastal Living mixed up some traditional fall recipes by adding seafood and other unexpected ingredients for a coastal twist. Check out our favorite recipes from the list here:

Crab Pot Pie – Mix up a traditional chicken pot pie recipe by substituting the chicken for jumbo lump crab meat. The crabmeat will add a bit more sweetness to the pie, and if you are really up for a change, add some lemon zest. Check out our favorite crab shacks for buying fresh blue crabs here.

Tuna Noodle Casserole – It just goes to show, you can really put anything in a casserole! Tuna is an unexpected ingredient, but when paired with noodles, lemon, leeks, butter, and cheese, the flavors will come together to create a tasty combination.

Clam Stew & Garlic Toast – Stew is the ultimate comfort food for the fall season, so why not add some fresh clams to it? This stew recipe will bring out a warm Spanish-style flavor paired with garlic toast for dipping.

Lobster Mac & Cheese – Dress up your simple mac and cheese recipe with some freshly cooked lobster meat. This recipe also allows for adding other spices and different cheeses, like Gruyere, to perfectly pair with the lobster flavor.

Harvest Chicken Pot Pie – Perfect for living in coastal Delaware, this recipe suggests using a larger variety of fall harvest vegetables not normally used for chicken pot pie. At Millville By The Sea, we have access to local farm stands with fresh produce grown right here in Sussex County!

Salmon Chowder – The creamy deliciousness of this chowder will leave you wanting more! Using salmon, vinegar, and chives gives this recipe just the right amount of seaside flavor.

Cod & Creamed Spinach Casserole – This is an easy one-dish recipe when you want to just pop something into the oven, and it has a 5-star rating from people who’ve already tried it!

We hope you try out some of these tasty fall recipes in your beach home kitchen at Millville By The Sea – we sure plan on it! To access the full list of recipes, go to http://coastalliving.com.