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Everything Under the Sun

Wondering what it’s like during our warmest season? Neighbors have a ball on the bocce ball and pickleball courts. And, of course, community members of all ages love to lounge and get refreshed at our Resort Pool and Splash Pad. It’s all right here.

Living an Active Lifestyle in Millville by the Sea

Who’s feeling inspired to be healthier and more energized in 2019? (Yes, even though it’s cold outside!) In Millville by the Sea, residents enjoy an array of different options for strengthening, stretching, and working out all year round. Join us!

How Millville Gets Merry for the Holidays

Coastal Holiday_600x400.jpg
Here in Millville by the Sea, the holidays are just as merry and bright as our legendary summers; with an added dash of cozy. We love getting into the season with home décor and recipes that bring the essence of Bethany Beach and the holidays to new levels.

5 (New!) Reasons to Move to Millville by the Sea

There is more to us than meets the eye. (Although our beautiful homes and lakes make a great first impression!) Our prime location just four miles from Bethany Beach is always a great draw, but it’s our great neighborhood atmosphere and plethora of different activities that keep our residents coming back for more.

Which Millville Home Is Right for You?

Finding your perfect home—according to size, style, and features—can be fun! Especially here in Millville by the Sea, where our beautifully inviting homes are available across three diverse collections. Let’s explore them now…

What Makes Millville by the Sea So Special?

We can name many reasons why our neighborhoods—brightened by scenic lakes, trails, and an exciting social calendar—are the best in the Bethany Beach area. But we’ll let our residents field this question!

Imagine Yourself Here

When you live here, your social calendar can be as full—or as free—as you want it to be. See it for yourself: experience a week in the life of a Millville by the Sea resident.

4 Reasons Why You Should Make the Move to Millville by the Sea

If you’re looking for a home with more heart and more ways to play outside (on land and on water), Millville by the Sea is the perfect place for you. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing coastal getaway or hoping to bring the family together for a weekend, Millville by the Sea has something everyone will love.