millville by the sea trail 1800x750


In and around our neighborhoods, residents enjoy parks, trails, lakes, and green space ideal for runs, nature walks, reading, and cookouts alike. 


millville by the sea lookout pointPARKS


Find Huntington Park next to Sand Dollar Lake, with picnic table, coal BBQ, and benches. Additional open spaces—hugged by pathways and trails—are abundant throughout the community.

millville by the sea lake dockLAKES


Feel like you’ve slipped into a painting? That’s understandable. Neighbors find new levels of wonder on the gentle waves of our Lake Summerwind, home to paddle boarders, fishing enthusiasts, and lakeside loungers.*

active adult runningTRAILS


Bike, walk, run, or take the kids for a stroll on our trails. Starting at the Lifestyle & Activity Center, wind through our tree-lined neighborhoods, tranquil parks, and around our shimmering lakes.